The full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sports sponsorship worldwide will only become clear over time but one thing is certain: everything has changed.

Sponsors are re-evaluating their spend and looking at new ways to get returns on their investment. For competitors, teams and rights holders this means a completely new approach is needed to attract sponsors.

Motorsport worldwide has seen an upsurge in entries and interest from people wanting to participate in competitive events and live life to the full. Competing in Motorsport has never been more rewarding – or more expensive. This has only increased the demand for sponsorship deals.

Racing has plenty of hidden costs that can eat into your budget – but having sponsors on board can make all the difference in getting to the starting line. Crossing the finish line, of course, is still your job.

The specialist sports sponsorship division of Listen Up, a leading PR and Marketing Communications agency, has identified a need to help South African Motorsport competitors to be more successful – and more professional – in their efforts to secure meaningful sponsorship.

South Africa has a proud Motorsport heritage and our competitors have always performed at the highest levels internationally, but continued success requires investment from committed sponsors. Here’s why you need to attend our interactive Sponsorship Workshop – How to Find Sponsors… and Keep Them (Happy)!

  • Understand the competitive and sports finance landscapes
  • Discover why sponsorship can be such an effective form of marketing
  • Understanding what sponsors want and how it is measured
  • Learn the 5 Stages of Sponsorship Sales
  • Develop a sponsorship strategy that delivers quantifiable results for your sponsors
  • Align your goals with your sponsors and building a partnership with them
  • Create your sponsorship proposal and know what it must contain
  • Learn the importance of having a contract and what it should contain
  • Learn what it takes to create your own personal brand – and why you need one
  • See how you can raise awareness of your achievements and ambitions
  • Get to grips with social media – understand how it is measured, what works – and what doesn’t

This Sponsorship Workshop uses real-life case studies to provide you with the tools you need to develop and execute a fruitful sponsorship strategy. The focus will be on learning to nurture lasting relationships with headline sponsors who will want to partner with you for your entire Motorsport career.

The Sponsorship Workshop will specifically cater to competitors in Karting, Circuit Racing (bikes/cars), Off-road racing (bikes/cars) and Motocross. However, all interested parties in Motorsport are welcome.

To accommodate different schedules there are two dates available. This will let you use December for planning and prepping to set you up for sponsorship success in 2021.

The workshop will be facilitated by Listen Up’s Malcolm Joubert, who has over 20 years’ experience of brokering sponsorship deals within the Motorsport industry. This has included structuring and managing team and individual sponsorship deals with major international corporations as well as engineering sponsorship deals for destinations and Motorsport events.

Motorsport Sponsorship Workshop: How to Find Sponsors… and Keep Them (Happy)!

Available Dates: Wednesday 9 December 2020 from 12h00 – 16h30

Saturday 12 December 2020 from 9h00 – 13h30

Venue: Hyde Park, Johannesburg, Gauteng (full address supplied on request)

Cost: R1 850 per person (including VAT)

Bookings: Email for more information and to confirm your spot.

Places are very limited and booking is essential.