“With the right targeting, even the lowest budget campaigns can be phenomenally successful – like the persistent drip of one small stalactite that builds a large stalagmite, when you consistently hit the sweet spot, you will grow a powerful brand.”

Adilia Teixiera Joubert, marketing consultant, Listen Up

Explore. Plan. Engage.

Marketing strategy rooted in tradition, empowered by innovation

Just as marketing activities need to be accurately focused to ensure best results, they also need to be closely aligned with business processes to maximise their impact.

Our holistic approach means we pay close attention to both business goals and marketing and brand strategy – always with the objective of strengthening your market position and growing revenue.

Marketing and brand strategy

This process typically falls within the EXPLORE and PLAN stages of our methodology. Here you can expect to work with us in personal consultation, brainstorming and workshops. Customer research is an important element of this phase.

We develop strategies that:

  • Give your brand serious impact in the market place
  • Ensure a consistent brand experience
  • Support all your marketing and communication initiatives
  • Drive customer engagement
  • Drive revenue growth

Marketing Services

Customer engagement

Marketing starts with listening to your customers – their needs, their expectations, their experiences. Every element of your business needs to align with meeting customer demand. We can help by developing dynamic and highly effective customer engagement strategies.

We can assist with:

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Publicity and PR

Media engagement and traditional public relations (PR) are core strengths at Listen Up. We have a stellar track record in this arena and have also been very successful in applying this – expertise to develop innovative online campaigns. Proven PR methodologies can exponentially increase the power of marketing.

We can assist with:

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Copywriting & content creation

Content is the golden thread running through all your communications. Which means it needs to be planned, professional, consistent, measured, relevant and engaging. We’ve seen many marketing campaigns fail because of badly written content. Our writers are expert wordsmiths able to enhance your verbal brand.

We offer a full range of content services that includes:

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Social media management

A good digital PR campaign run on social media platforms can be the difference between your business stagnating or moving to the next level. We use our skills in social media management to integrate online content with a traditional PR approach, ultimately adding a powerful tool to your overall marketing strategy.

We can help you use social media to:

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Web development

Website functionality has evolved rapidly under the influence of search engines like Google and the migration of customers to online engagement. We design websites that ensure a cyclical and continuing journey of engagement with the target market, from search engine to website, to social media and traditional media, to customer experience and customer retention.

We provide the following website services:

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Monitoring and Evaluation

“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed,” says Dan Zarrella, renowned social media expert. Precisely. Which is why at Listen Up we pay close attention to measuring the results of every activity we implement for our clients, offering a balance of digital data and traditional advertising value. We also assist with or advise on other sources of data, such as customer surveys, customer behaviour and organic growth of client databases.

We offer a range of data analysis that includes:

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