“You can’t market a broken business.” 

Malcolm Joubert, Business development consultant

Explore. Plan. Engage.

Why do we integrate marketing strategy with business development strategy?

Years of listening closely and paying attention to our clients’ challenges have shown that it’s very important to evaluate the business’s needs holistically.

Often clients need guidance on a number of levels in both marketing strategy and business development strategy – because if there are gaps in operational efficiency, these can defeat the objectives of their marketing activities.

We’ve brought business consulting knowhow into our marketing company and we uncover the full picture with each new client. That way, when we develop and deliver a service, we know that it will be effective at every level and bring a far better result.

This is where our 3-phase methodology comes in. For every project, we EXPLORE, PLAN and ENGAGE – a tiered process that works, every time.

First we EXPLORE

This is where we listen to you.

We listen to your areas of concern and help you identify the challenges that may be limiting your business growth.

Do you identify with any of these challenges?

  • You are at a crossroads and need help in making the right operational and marketing decisions
  • You are caught in a founder’s trap with no succession plan
  • You need to streamline operations and processes
  • You want to sell the business or attract investors
  • You are putting in more people instead of fixing bad processes
  • Your overheads are escalating
  • You want to leave a legacy

Then we PLAN

The journey begins with the planning.

We do this together. The objective is to create a customised plan that works for your unique requirements. Most of our clients can’t tackle everything at once, so we also plan according to your budget. We will cut the stages of the journey according to your cloth.


This is where our partnership truly begins and we invest our energy in helping you get things right. We walk with you to help you find the right path.


What cannot be measured cannot be managed. We incorporate the critical elements for measurment into your plan, to ensure that your operations are delivering on your marketing promises.

 Finally we ENGAGE

The journey in progress.

Implementation, monitoring, measurement, evaluation, refining.

This is the process of implementing the plan. Here clients can choose to do implementation in-house, and we offer a supportive role or you have the option of sub-contracting to us.

We will then implement the activities on your behalf and report back to you. The primary focus here is how you engage with your customers, and how that translates into achieving your goals.

How we can do it

  • Understand and assess business concerns and requirements
  • Perform SWOT analysis
  • Research customer and market perceptions
  • Evaluate data to make decisions
  • Map out blueprint for success
  • Put processes and systems in place
  • Implement or facilitate solutions
  • Monitor ROI, turnaround and growth
  • Provide on-going personal support

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