“There is at least one point in the history of any company when you have to change dramatically to rise to the next level of performance. Miss that moment – and you start to decline.” 

Andy Grove

About Listen Up

Listen Up marketing and communications agency has been taking brands from obscurity to prominence since 2006. We are based in Johannesburg and also have representation in Cape Town and Durban. Our roots lie in public relations (PR) and communications where we have built an extensive media network and developed a comprehensive knowledge of the industry. Our expert team of publicists, content marketers, designers and web developers have forged meaningful partnerships over the years which have seen successful results.
Our name, Listen Up, is integral to our approach – both in listening to our clients and in helping our clients to listen to their customers and to base their decisions on what they have to say. We have found that when companies don’t really listen to their customers, they often fail to deliver on their promises to their customers. This is what inspired us to incorporate a business development service in our offerings. The exciting outcome has been that we can now truly elevate our clients’ businesses to the next level.

Matching business development and marketing services to fast track your business to the next level

Because marketers are increasingly specialising in specific areas, we often forget to integrate our services with the bigger picture of business goals and marketing operations. But at Listen Up our experience has shown us the close relationship between companies’ marketing activities and all the other elements of business.

Thanks to over two decades of listening carefully to our clients’ challenges, our major differentiator today is our holistic approach. We understand how to ensure that marketing strategy supports all aspects of business development. The balance needs to be correct in order to achieve one’s marketing goals.

Is your business at a crossroad and do you need a sounding board for the strategy you have developed?

We will EXPLORE your business operations and marketing activities in order to understand how to best move your business and marketing in the right direction.

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Does your business deliver on the marketing promises you make?

We will help you PLAN your way forward by developing a strategy for your business to grow via your marketing platform and operational systems.

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Are you attracting the right types of clients and do they like you enough to stay?

We will create a strategy to ENGAGE with your target market by implementing an effective marketing campaign to attract and keep your customers.

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“When you marry operating excellence with innovation, you multiply the value of creativity.” 

Jim Collins & Morten T Hansen

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