Written by: Nontsi Mhlayivana

Conquering the PR Industry with a Bang!

“I don’t know what I would like to be one day, all I know is that I love the media and I want to be part of that world!”

I remember uttering those words to my mother in the kitchen many years ago and 5 years later, I think I have found a home, I have found my place of power and my strength, thanks to Listen Up PR.

I so wish that the universe had directed me here right from the start, however, I guess that the saying “Everything happens for a reason” definitely comes into play. It has been a wonderful and an insightful five months that one could only dream of. I remember having naked emotions walking in the office as I was highly unsure of what to expect from the people and the environment, but to my surprise, the staff have been welcoming and absolutely supportive.

I have even had the privilege of working on campaigns such as Simply Asia and recently, the UJ Leadership Convocation Conference that was held in May. The keynote speakers were Pravin Gordhan and Mike Schussler, this was a huge learning opportunity eye-opener for me!

These campaigns were a great success. Some of the skills I have acquired with Listen Up are:

  • Developing a newsworthy press release
  • Developing a media pitch
  • Understanding the power of social media tools
  • Being a Media Liaison
  • Hosting and also managing the media at events


Thank you again to Listen Up, continue to nurture and grow young talent through your amazing work.

See you at the top!