Written by: Malcolm Joubert, MD and Business Development Consultant

Welcome to the new Listen Up website.

The process of updating or creating a new website requires asking some very important and sometimes difficult questions about your organisation and the value it offers to your customers:

  • Is your current offering relevant?
  • Does your value proposition still resonate with your customers?
  • Is your understanding of these elements the same understanding your staff or key members of your team have?

As daunting as it seems, I encourage all of you to go through this process regularly and ask the difficult questions that need to be answered. The way we all do business is constantly being challenged. We see on a daily basis how important dealing with change has become for our customers on so many levels within their organisations. For this reason, we have developed a methodology that we call Explore. Plan. Engage, to assist our customers manage change in their organization.

I included a quote from Andy Grove on our Business Development page that states: “People who have no emotional stake in a decision can see what needs to be done sooner,” and we hope that we can help you to fast-track some of the difficult decisions you have to face in these ever changing times. Let us know if we can help you by contacting us to set-up a meet and greet.