Written by, Adilia Joubert, Founder & Account Director

Listen Up has been delivering exceptional PR campaigns over the last 10 years and we have now evolved into a marketing communications agency – read more to find out why.

In 2006, I started Listen Up as a PR agency aimed at the entertainment industry. I had the pleasure of working with local celebrities, musicians, bands and DJ’s. Word spread of the great exposure my clients were getting through our campaigns and so, small businesses, producers of theatre shows, TV shows and events started knocking on our door for assistance. Slowly we started focusing on corporate PR and being integrated into full marketing campaigns. This is where we found our passion for communications really got sparked!

Apart from being asked to develop and oversee marketing campaigns with a PR core, we have noticed another change in the needs of our clients: the need to understand how to listen to their audience and respond to their target market’s needs appropriately. This opened up a new avenue for Listen Up, we moved from being the “loud speaker” sharing information about our clients to being an agency that helps clients listen to their customers and identify how to best fill their needs. This has been quite a dramatic shift for us but one we feel is the best approach, and in fact, the most important first step in putting an effective marketing communications strategy together. We really enjoy coming up with innovative ways to gather info about the market out there and share the feedback with our clients. And what we absolutely LOVE is developing strategies together with our clients based on this feedback at the same time as fitting into the company’s overall goals.

This remarkable change has also seen us introduce a new major area in our service offering – business development consulting . Through our interactions with our clients, we have seen that as soon as we start asking some pointed questions about the communications or marketing strategies, the business processes – whether they sit in the sales, financial, marketing or other departments – need to be looked at and either formalised or re-worked. Having the insight and experience to guide our customers in this area is a huge benefit for both parties as our clients can now get strong strategic input on their overall business development and growth, and our marketing strategies can rest easy knowing that the promises they communicate will be delivered on.

We are excited to launch our new look and feel that incorporates our different approach to communications and highlights the importance of listening. We are also VERY proud to announce our new area of expertise being woven into our previous service offering. Please browse through our site and let us know if you’d like to book a meeting with myself or Malcolm to discuss your marketing, PR or business development ideas. We would like to hear you out and share our thoughts.